Chefs Specialities

Murghi Mussallam Special Medium                                                       

cooked with tandoori chicken on the bone and mincement, medium spice

Lal Mirch Murgh Hot                                                                            

Aromatic rajasatani speciality of chichen cooked with whole red chili

Zalzala Chicken or Lamb Hot                                                            

A hot dish cooked with onion, paper and scotchbonette pepper sauce

Tikka Masala Chicken or Lamb Mild                                                   

cooked with cream coconut, almond, in a rich sauce to give that taste of masala

Takata Chicken or Lamb Medium                                                         

Tender pieces of lamb tikka marinated in masala  and lemon cooked with ginger and herbs.

Jalfrezi Chicken or Lamb Hot                                                             

Paneer Jalfrezi Medium / Hot                                                            

Fresh Indian cheese cooked in a jalfrezi sauce, Cooked in a hot spicy sauce

with onions, peppers, green chillies to give a rich spicy flavour

Pathila Chicken or Lamb Hot                                                             

Strips of chicken or lamb prepared with a very specia

selection of herbs and spices including fresh mint, Garlic,

yoghurt in rich tangy sauce this really is a exotic dish.

Passanda Chicken or Lamb Mild                                                       

Tender pieces of chicken marinated with mild spice and

cooked in cream

Lahori Lamb Shank Medium                                                                 

Lamb shank delicately marinated in herbs and spices

and cooked slowly in a traditional sauce

Badami Saag Chicken or Lamb medium                                        

Marinated in garlic, ginger and then cooked with spinach

 and cashew nuts in spicy thick sauce.

Naga Chicken or Lamb Hot                                                               

Cooked with hot pepper which has

its own special fragrance and taste.

Garlic Chilli Masala Chicken or Lamb Hot                                          

Cooked with lots of garlic and hot green chillies and mix

with mild spices to give a hot and sweet taste.

Haryali Masala Chicken or lamb Medium                                             

Tandoori Tikka spices with mint yogurt, marinated with coriander

And spinach cooked with cream, coconut.

Beef Raunak Medium / Hot                                                                                           

A flavour some dish of beef cooked with roasted spices

topped with chopped fried

sweet and hot onions in a thick sauce.

Babber Duck Masala Medium                                                              

Slice duck supreme cardamom

flavoured with baby potatoes and egg.

Makhani Chicken or Lamb Miid                                                           

strips of chicken barbequed in the tandoori

sauce mixed with butter  

and cream in a mild spicy sauce.

Tawa Chicken or Lamb  Medium                                                       

North Indian style chicken or lamb cooked  

with mixed peppers

Achari Chicken or Lamb    Medium                                                      

Made from specially selected pickles and fresh mint and spices.

Salam Bombay Chicken or Lamb  Medium                                        

Medium spicy wtih potato, aubergine

Tandoori Mixed Curry Medium                                                            

Mix of chicken, lamb tikka, sheek kebab with tomatoes, green peppers,

 onion in delicious spicy sauce

Haryali Jaldiya Chicken or Lamb Hot                                                

Green pepper, green chili with special haryali coriander spinach sauce
























All dishes cooked with tikka except badami